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Customer Focus


Excellent customer service requires more than training of front line employees. All front line employees, supervisors, managers and executives need to be skillful in identifying and addressing customer needs. The company must also have practices and systems that support customer service, senior management must make service a priority and all levels of management must support and encourage customer service behaviors. Organizations must be sure that procedures and systems are aligned with the objective of providing excellent service if they plan to make customer service a competitive advantage.

Bradley Lambert, Inc. can work with the organization to define what is needed and how to implement training as well as systems or procedures that promote excellence in service.  


  • Policies and procedures may include
    • Handling of feedback from customers such as response time, tracking of complaints, analysis of systemic problems
    • Definition and collection of customer service measures on a regular basis
    • Standards for service such as response time, product knowledge
  • Systems may include:
    • Customer tracking to provide targeted product information
    • Reward systems that support service
    • Customer information systems that allow front line employees to better serve the customer
    • Product and customer service training targeted to management and front line employees
  • Training may include:
    • Facilitated sessions with management to define service expectations and determine measurement systems
    • Customer service skills classes for front line employees to set the expectation for providing excellent service and develop required skills
    • Leadership class to clarify the supervisor, manager and executive role in supporting excellent service