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Strategic Planning

I. — Major Issues for the Human Resource Management

  • Participation and buy-in by operating units
  • Accountability for milestones to meet goals and objectives
  • Business opportunity forecasting
  • Contingency planning
  • Facilitation

II. — Consulting Engagements

III. — Workshops

IV. — Workshops Related to Other Functions

V. — Example Engagements

VI. — Sample Client Comment

Larry Jones, President
Monterey Carpets Inc.

"I hired BLI to help me solve some major issues between members our senior management team and get our Strategic Planning sessions back on track. They provided tools to work through disagreements and facilitated meetings that clarified and got consensus on individual roles and responsibilities. They met with individuals and understood their issues on an individual level and then helped us get agreement on critical long standing issues.  They provided structure for the planning sessions and even conducting research into what our customers really thought about us, what they wanted and did not want from us.  By focusing on this input and using it to design the most beautiful commercial products available in the marketplace our sales and profits more than quadrupled over a 6 year time.  Bradley Lambert has been a highly valued contributor to our success."

VII. — Articles and Presentations