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I. — Major Issues for Engineering Management

  • New employee orientation with company technology
  • Knowledge retention
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Train customers on use of company’s technical solutions
  • Effective project and cost management
  • Problem solving
  • Engineering procedure documentation

II. — Consulting Engagements

III. — Workshops

IV. — Workshops Related to Other Functions

V. — Example Engagements
  • Agere Systems
  • Boeing
  • Loral Skynet
  • PanAmSat
  • Satmex V
  • The Toro Company

VI. — Sample Client Comment

Stefanie Harris - Director of Human Resources

"We engaged Bradley/Lambert, Inc. to assist in the planning and implementation of PanAmSat Global University (PGU). PGU was established to provide top-level technical and professional development classes to all employees. Bradley/Lambert  tailored some of their satellite classes to fit our company. They helped design the curriculum for PGU and identify other learning providers to teach specialized classes. Further, they designed several classes based on PanAmSat processes and content.  The result was that we were able to roll out PGU classes at four of our primary locations in less than a year. The classes were consistently rated highly by participants in the areas of content importance, application to their jobs and supporting their ability to work together more effectively. Bradley/Lambert played a significant role in the success of this project."

VII. — Articles and Presentations

Delivering Critical Skills When Needed thru Technical Experts
A proven process for developing subject matter experts who can facilitate the learning of others.