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I. — Curriculum and Workshop Development Engagements

II. — Consulting Engagements

III. — Example Engagements

IV. — Sample Client Comment

R. J. Sheipe ­ Chief Financial Officer
General Motors Asia-Pacific

“When it was determined that a comprehensive Finance and Accounting training curriculum was needed for the Finance personnel in all the new and existing G.M. Asia-Pacific operating units, Bradley Lambert was engaged to manage the entire design, development, production, and delivery of the nine module, hundred hour curriculum. Both hard copy and interactive computer based versions of the training were developed. It was also decided that the training should be configured so that it could be used by other G.M. units around the world. 
Throughout the two years of the project, Bradley Lambert did a consistently excellent job. Not only did they manage all the various aspects of producing the training, but they also took the initiative to make a number of important substantive contributions to the technical finance content of the materials. In addition, Bradley Lambert's proactive, yet user friendly, methods of dealing with the G.M. internal subject matter experts elicited the best from the G.M. people and improved their effectiveness as contributors to the process. The superior service Bradley Lambert provided to G.M. on this project is what we always hope to receive from value-added specialty suppliers - but so rarely get. With this project, we are definitely satisfied customers.”

V. — How Bradley Lambert Inc. Worked with Other Automotive Clients

  • Facilitated the strategic planning for the executive offsite to ensure an increased commitment by the group and developed a plan to implement the strategic vision of top management.
  • Trained top level executives and plant managers in financial metrics important to the Corporation in order that they in turn train their direct reports to understand the impact of asset management on the financial results and the maximize shareholder return.