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Cutting Edge Strategic Planning Tips
      Learn the key factors that must be in place before beginning the planning process.
Stress Management
       Drive your organization to greater profits and sales through stress management.
What are the Nine Secrets to Successful Team Performance?
       See how your teams can implement these secrets.
A must for your HR Score Card
       A sample list of metrics to include in an HR manager's score card who wants to be the
       CEO's strategic partner.
HR_as a Strategic_ Partner
       What you need to know to be a strategic HR partner to the CEO.
Communicating with Impact
       Use these suggestions to be an effective communicator.
20 Mistakes Internal Consultants Make
       Avoid these mistakes to be effectively work with your internal customers.
Key Facilitation Behaviors
       These tips will help you be an effective facilitator.
Finance _Basics
       What non-financial managers need to know about their company?
Brain Food
       You can alter the brain's structure, wiring and functioning for maximum achievement through
       your diet

Tool Kits
Internal Consulting Process
       A Five phase process for effective internal consulting.
Measuring Turnover Cost
       The elements you need to measure the cost of turnover for your company.
Measuring the cost of Training
       The elements you need to measure the return on invest of training for your company.
Are you unsure what training should cost?
       Training cost varies widely depending on several variables. Get this list of variables and pricing ranges.
Ethics Quotes
       See who is talking about ethics and where to find help.
       The date for attestation of the Internal Control System is here. The attorneys and
       accountants have done their work. New processes and procedures are in place. Now What?
Finance for the Non-finance Professional
       Learn why it is important for all your employees to know how their actions impact the financial
       performance of the company.
Is Ethics Training Adding Value?
       Why implementing a Sarbanes Oxley compliant ethics program could be the most costly
       decision you make this year.
The Internal Control Process
       A comprehensive internal control process will be capable of deterring fraud, and preventing,
       detecting and correcting problems.
The Missing Link in Implementing Effective Internal Controls
       Managers, particularly finance managers, may be aware of IC, but all employees in all departments
       play a role in IC implementation.
What is the value of your customers?
       Hold on to the most valuable customers by comparing customer value to customer cost.
Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 Implementation
       Points out new or expanded responsibilities for the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board,
       Boards of Directors, Audit Committees, Corporate Management, Registered Public Accounting Firm,
       External and Internal Auditors, Principal Stockholders, and Pension Plan Administrators as a result
        of the Act’s implementation.
Delivering Critical Skills When Needed thru Technical Experts
       A proven process for developing subject matter experts who can facilitate the learning of others.
How to ensure Customer Satisfaction -  Setting Your Company Apart from the Competition
       Tips on how to develop loyal customers.
Accelerating Learning Thru Blended Solutions
       A methodology to release the many talents of your employees towards practical and useful objectives.