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Training Videos


Training videos are an effective means of delivering a consistent message, often from an executive to a large number of employees across a wide geographic area.  They offer flexibility and can be delivered to employees using streaming video over the web, DVDs or video tapes.

Bradley Lambert, Inc. works with clients to determine if a video based training program fits the needs of the organization and then brings a sound instructional design approach to developing the content.  The video must also be engaging and hold the interest of employees.  We also provide support material, if appropriate, including participant reminder cards, participant workbooks, and facilitator notes for group discussion of the video content.


  • Determine if a video based program meets the learning objectives for the project
  • Draft objectives and outline for the training video
  • Identify subject matter experts to provide content and possibly be in video
  • Identify executives and leaders to be in video
  • Draft video script
  • Determine if company employees or actors will be used
  • Determine support materials needed
  • Video taping
  • Rough cut video
  • Graphics and voice over
  • Draft support materials
  • Pilot training video and use of support materials
  • Final cut of video and final draft of support materials