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Software Training Development For Proprietary Software


At the conclusion of this series of consultations, the client will have a training solution to offer their customers in the use of the Client’s proprietary software that is comprehensive, rigorous, standardized and that its customers will like.

Bradley Lambert, Inc. can work with the client organization in two ways:  1) Bradley Lambert, Inc. facilitates and supports the client in designing the training materials; 2) Bradley Lambert, Inc. develops the training materials with input from client subject matter experts.

Training for users of proprietary software should include: basic information, demonstration of key features of the software, practice scenarios and opportunities for demonstration and practice with feedback.  Lecturing should be minimized.  Ideally, the training focuses on the context for the use of the software. 

Bradley Lambert, Inc. utilizes the following activities for developing training on software products.



  • Determine who will draft training materials, client experts or Bradley Lambert, Inc.
  • Establish Design Team to provide overall guidance and subject matter expertise
  • Develop training objectives, outline, delivery methodology and resources with the Design Team
  • Determine testing strategy to assess learning
  • Facilitate development of Leader and Participant materials including
    • Technical examples
    • Scenarios
    • Exercises and instructions for exercises
    • Notes on key points to present
    • Sample questions for class discussion
    • Tests to assess knowledge
  • Review and feedback by Design Team
  • Revise materials
  • Review and buy-off by Design Team
  • Prepare for pilot of program
  • Pilot program
  • Prepare summary of pilot feedback and revision recommendations for Design Team
  • Finalize program