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360° Assessment


At the conclusion of the 360° Assessment participants will be able to develop and implement an action plan to improve their performance based on constructive input received.  Bradley Lambert Inc. reviews the 360°  feedback, identifies strengths and opportunities for improvement, and develops an action plan.  Additionally, in some cases Bradley Lambert Inc. is a resource to coach the client to implement their action plan. 

Typically the assessment is repeated in nine to twelve months to allow participants to receive feedback on changes they have implemented and plan for continued development.

The value of 360° feedbacks:

  • Information regarding the way participants behavior is viewed by others helps participants match intentions with the outcomes perceived by others.
  • Assessments of the participant by many individuals are utilized.  The combined judgments are more reliable than any single judgment.
  • Agreement between feedback sources can be assessed.  Therefore, the validity of ratings can be measured.
  • Evaluation sources provide written suggestions for actions they believe would improve the participant’s effectiveness in their job.  (this might be the same as the following bullet)
  • Finally, multi-source feedback provides meaningful information as to the ways in which the manger interacts with others.


  • Develop custom assessment form for clients needs
  • Implement assessment to gather information from self, peers/colleagues, direct reports, immediate supervisor and in some cases customers or other organizations
  • Prepare individual report for each participant in the 360 process
  • Conduct a feedback meeting with each individual to analyze results of the assessment
    • Review report
    • Assess behaviors by topic or category
    • Focus on ratings that are high or low
    • Focus on discrepancies
    • Identify causes for discrepancies
  • Conduct an action planning meeting with each individual to prepare an action plan and plan for communicating results
  • Optional – provide coaching to support implementation of action plans
  • Conduct the 360 assessment a second time to assess progress

Example 360° Assessment
(Small Sample of Total Evaluation Criteria)