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The 9 Biggest Problems With My Managers

The following list is compiled from submissions by people like you.

  1. I always look my people in the eye, so that they THINK I am listening to them.
  2. Let's just promote him and get him out of here.
  3. I'll let my employees make the decisions as long as they are the right ones.
  4. I don't care how they do it, as long as they do it the way I would have done it.
  5. Why do some of my employees cry when I talk to them?
  6. If I tell my boss about this problem he will only yell at me.
  7. Make sure we have caller ID on the employee hot line.
  8. I date the people that work for me, I don't sexually harass them.
  9. If the corporation didn't want me to make the decisions around here I wouldn't the vice president.

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