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20 Mistakes Internal Consultants Make
Mistakes to avoid as you perform internal consulting:
  • Wait to meet with key managers until they have a specific need
  • Decide what the line management needs, put activities in place and THEN talk to the line managers
  • Blame the client for problems
  • Over commit and fail to meet deadlines
  • Fail to understand the business
  • Fail to keep the client informed of progress, problems, issues
  • Not periodically checking to be sure you and the client are in alignment
  • Not build strong relationships based on you providing value added services
  • Fail to understand the client?s perspective
  • Trying to sell a solution rather than provide a service
  • Not involving the right people early
  • Not having a committed champion for the project
  • Expecting the client to call you when he or she wants a status report
  • Tell the client your personal problems
  • Doing what you think the client needs not what they tell you they want
  • Violating confidentiality
  • Not supporting and helping all people involved (only supporting the senior people)
  • Taking on a task when the stated goal is not the real goal)
  • Not being realistic about the scope of the project and assuming you can add tasks on later
  • Trying to do everything yourself instead of bringing in the right resources